The AWE | Trailer | #Primeflix​ Hot web series | Releasing on 27 Feb 2021

The AWE | Trailer | #Primeflix​ Hot web series | Releasing on 27 Feb 2021

SHEKHAR is an inherited seeker who chooses to live a normal life. He is an OCD and very choosy about his PG’s. As it’s not only a matter of entering the house but his life too. An excellent cook with a weird fetish of sniffing odors. A PG, Nisha, begins on a good note with Shekhar as she moves in. His perfection, care and affection one day becomes a nightmare for himself, as he notices Nisha cheating on him. A broken heart, Shekhar, takes the wildest of revenge, in the form of an ancient way. No cure. But once a seeker is always a seeker. Shekhar moves on till he meets his match, ROMIL. An exact replica of Shekhar in habits and characteristics. Romil explores a new dimension of feelings in Shekhar making him believe the real meaning of love. They are just perfect together. It’s truly said TILL DEATH DO US APART.
What’s left to see is the nail-biting finale as “All that glitters is not gold”.

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