2 Guys Get Hot on the Beach | Gay Romance

Gay romance film title, “He Loves Me” edited by RexRed to a RexRed original song, “I Want Our Love to Be”.
Director: Konstantinos Menelaou
Writers: Konstantinos Menelaou

Actors Hermes Pittakos and Sanuye Shoteka

(Thanks to YouTube library for the guitar loop “Back to Portland” in this song.)

I Want Our Love to Be

Nothing could ever take
Nothing would make me break
Your heart
I want to mend it

The little things that make you smile
Come around and stay awhile
With me
I want our love to be

What people say it makes no mind
We’re entwined love is fine
Holding me
I want our love to be

In my heart I am sure
You’re the reason love is for
I want our love to be

Let’s share some time in your mind
Your gentle thoughts that shine
In me
I want our love to be

All roads lead me to you
And there’s nothing I won’t do
You see
I want our love to be

Around in circles we may go
But one thing always know
I want our love to be

In this love we’re dignified
So never run never hide
The key
I want our love to be

RexRed 12/21/20

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